How it started

Hey, I'm Jay Killoran, the beer geek and owner of Hop Bomb Apparel Co. Over two decades ago, I fell in love with craft beer and the culture that surrounds it. If you're as beer-curious as me, you get that there's more to it than just the liquid in the glass.

Aleienated Blog

After living in various cities throughout Southern Ontario, I returned to my hometown of Cornwall in 2011, only to find it was a craft beer desert. So, I started a blog called Aleienated.ca to connect with fellow beer enthusiasts and share our 'Aleienated' experiences.

Aleienated - "how a person feels when there is no good beer around, or when there is no one with whom to drink it". - Fermenting Revolution, Chris O'Brien 

Beer Dinners

In 2013, I created the Aleienated Beer Dinner Series. The goal was simple: introduce folks to the fantastic world of Ontario craft beer while shining a spotlight on the incredible local dining scene. These provide chefs with the perfect stage to flaunt their culinary expertise by skillfully pairing dishes with carefully chosen beers.

Certified Beer Sommelier

I thought, if I'm going to be a driving force in growing the local beer scene, I need to deepen my own understanding. I decided to enroll into the Prud'homme Beer Education program, eager to expand my knowledge. Now, as a Prud’homme Certified Beer Sommelier, I've had the privilege of presenting at various beer festivals, judging homebrew competitions, and hosting corporate events—all with a genuine joy of sharing this passion with others.

Hop Bomb Apparel Co.

When the pandemic hit, all dinners and speaking engagements came to a halt. In need of a creative outlet, I started doodling beer-themed designs. With the help of local friends in graphic designs and hand-made screen printing, I decided to extend this idea into an online store. I now also take my creations to local craft beer festivals and markets, with great success. Seeing people return to these festivals wearing shirts from previous years, sharing their stories about the conversations the shirts have sparked or the laughs they brought, has been truly rewarding.

At Hop Bomb Apparel Co., we're not just selling stuff; we're building a community of people who share the same passion for beer. So, here's to great beers, cool merch, and the camaraderie that comes with being a fellow beer geek.