Prud’homme Beer Certification® and Hop Bomb Apparel are pleased to announce that they have collaborated to provide opportunities for Prud’homme graduates to purchase branded merchandise, including t-shirts, coasters, and glassware. Each set of merchandise will be branded with the appropriate Prud’homme level of achievement.

Prud’homme Beer Certification®

Explore the world of beer with this comprehensive beer sommelier certification program. Designed for enthusiasts seeking in-depth knowledge, this multi-level course features curated content driven by industry experts. From history and brewing techniques to flavour profiles and food pairings, the program aims to deliver best in-class beer experiences. Led by seasoned professionals, it offers hands-on tastings and practical applications to deepen your understanding and refine your palate. Take your passion for beer and join a community of beer enthusiasts ready to take their love of beer to a whole new level.

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