Welcome to the Hop Bomb Apparel Co. and thanks for your interest in my story.
I was introduced to craft beer over 20 years ago and I was quickly enthralled with all aspects of the culture.  It goes well beyond the liquid in the glass.  I enjoy reading about craft beer history, spending summer days at beer festivals, visiting new breweries and listening to the sacrifices that brewery owners have made to pursue their passion. 
As a Prud'homme Certified Beer Sommelier, I take pride in educating others on the art, science and history of beer.  I'm also a homebrewer who loves the challenge of trying to perfect a recipe.
I've been organizing the Aleienated Beer Pairing dinners in my small town of Cornwall, Ontario for over nine years and it brings me such joy when someone approaches me and says, "I didn't know there was so much to know about beer" or even better, "I didn't think I really liked beer before this dinner."  Many have travelled with me on this journey and none of them have looked back.
The Hop Bomb Apparel Co. was established as an extension of my love for craft beer culture.  If you're like me, you demand a certain level of quality from the beers that you drink, and you can expect the same from our merchandise.
The goal is to provide unique beer related products and apparel designs to complement you and your craft beer lifestyle.  I want this small niche group of craft beer lovers to share their passion together, and I hope these products can be that conversation starter. 
Jay Killoran